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    May not post here much but soon I will be starting my 2019 “game of the year” – 6 fleets at 150 points each with plenty of house rules and craziness.  There will content for the game on youtube and the FB group while it’s going on, and eventually I plan to have a full BR here on the site as well once it’s over.

    Edit: Here is the Battle Report for my 6×150 game!

    Official fleet reveals!  Pasted from google doc so awkward formatting to preserve the links and bolding.  Super excited about all the fleets.  English one is super unique, using stuff from my customs, Return to Savage Shores, AND an unreleased piece.   Also planning to make custom and unreleased forts available, though I may forget to prioritize that.

    6 Fleets: Golden Cranes (w/Rattlesnake instead of events), Crew Recycling 2.0

    (60) Guichaun + The Headhunter, Sammy the Skull (F&S version) Grim the Savage (Viking version), Cavendish, helmsman, stinkpot specialist, Bianco’s Haulers, oarsman

    (77) Delusion + Davy Jones (OE), El Fantasma (OE), Captain Nemo, Christian Fiore, Ibrahan Ozat, Sir Edmund, helmsman, oarsman

    (13) Sea Rat + helmsman, explorer


    Jade Vikings

    (60) Baochuan + Zheng He (AA+S-Exploring), Ms. Cheng, Dragon Eyes, Zheng Li Kwan, Sensei Xu, helmsman, oarsmen x4   (12 total cargo?) (Sensei Xu can grab a shipwright, FPS, extra oarsman, etc before being sacced)

    (32) Asgard + Shayna Deux, Sigurd Andersen, helmsman, oarsman

    (28) Muninn + Ethan the Farseeker, captain, helmsman, oarsman

    (30) Naegling + Olof Linstrom, captain, helmsman, oarsman



    (41) Celtic Fury + Eileen Brigid O’Brien (SS), Duncan Rousseau, captain, helmsman, oarsman

    (46) Ultimate Saber Attack Combo + oarsman (Bonny Peel, Commander Steven Decatur, Jordan Dumas (OE), helmsman)

    (26) Pluton + Leander Arnaud, Godiva (0LR reroller), captain, helmsman, oarsman

    (22) Le Descharges + Guy LaPlante (F&S), helmsman

    (15) Renard à Ailes + captain, oarsman (proxy)

    Renard à Ailes 11 2 3  S+S+S 2S-2S Junk. Once per turn as part of a move action, this ship can randomly take one treasure from any ship up to S away from her.


    English Mercenaries

    (60) Eighth Wonder (30) + Frederick Xernias (11), Apprentice of Xernias (4), Larkon Presyl (6; Parley,+1 cargo), Jozeran Danklidge (6; shipwright+HI Raider), Xavier Gedry (3; This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls when carrying gold.)

    (28) HMS Gallows + Thomas Gunn, CRGO (0LR reroller) oarsman, exploding shot, fire shot, stinkpot shot, double shot

    (31) Elthelfleda + chieftain, helmsman, oarsman

    -English native canoes from RtSS

    (14) King’s Ghost (10) + captain, oarsman

    (13) -towing Gibraltar flotilla + First Mate Ismail, Exploding Shot

    (4) HMS Ramsgate

    UT’s: Ammunition


    Eighth Wonder 30 10 7 L 4L-4L-3L-3L-3L-3L-3L-3L-4L-4L Link: Frederick Xernias Mercenary.  Junk. Dories.  If this ship eliminates 5 or more masts this turn, you may give her an extra action.

    Frederick Xernias (Link: Eighth Wonder)  11 points A: Ex-Patriot.  Captain. This ship ignores the first hit she takes each turn as long as she has all of her masts.  One of this ship’s treasures is worth +1 gold when unloaded at your home island.

    Apprentice of Xernias (Link: Frederick Xernias)  4 points A: Helmsman. Once per turn, if this ship is touching another ship, reveal all treasure aboard the other ship. This ship can take as much unique treasure from the other ship as she can carry, even those that otherwise can’t be removed.

    Larkon Presyl  6 points  A: Ex-Patriot.  Parley. This ship gets +1 cargo spaces. This crew takes up no cargo space.

    Jozeran Danklidge   6 points   A: Ex-Patriot.  Shipwright. HI Raider.

    Xavier Gedry   3 points    A: Ex-Patriot.  This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls when carrying gold.


    Elthelfleda 16 4 4 S+L 3S-4L-3S-4L Galley. This ship can move and shoot using the same move action. This ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls. She gets +2 instead if her opponent is a sea monster.

    Native Canoes 12 1 1 L+S 3S Native Canoe. Give this ship a move action but do not move her. Instead, roll a d6. On a result of 5 or 6, you may repair one mast on ships within S of any native canoes.

    King’s Ghost 10 1 2 L+L 1L Eternal.  This ship may use the effects of any equipment with “shot” in the name.

    HMS Ramsgate 4 2 2 S+S 1S-1S This ship cannot carry crew.


    It has begun… with some bangs.  XD

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