Ultimate Saber Attack Combo!!

Originally published to Miniature Trading on June 21st, 2017

45 Points

I have not seen this attempted yet. I have 5 different Saber builds written down, and this is probably the best one. Yeah the point total is screwy but that’s what you get with this high-point combo stuff. 

L+S speed
Double actions with EA, happening somewhat often due to reroll
Blade attacks coming left and right (port and starboard!)
+1 to boards
Losing boarding parties is irrelevant due to Decatur
Captain + helmsman: check
Peel steals all enemy crew she comes across so no need for gold running! XD

Obviously this fleet is very susceptible to fast gold fleets, cancellers, or an enemy getting the first strike. However, it might be the Ultimate Saber Attack Combo I’ve come up with thus far, especially since it has gold capability through Peel.

Section: Ship #1 (5 miniatures)
Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Bonny Peel PofDJC 043 Crew R
1 x Commander Steven Decatur PofBC 094 Crew R
1 x Helmsman PofCC 124 Crew C
1 x Jordan Dumas PatOE 082 Crew R
1 x Saber F&S 056 Ship U


Ultimate Saber attack combo!!

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