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    Davy Jones

    So I’ve got a “mini-faction challenge” here for those who want to have some fun with brewing.

    Scenario: You and 3 other players will each represent one of the four minor factions. You must build a fleet and have it give you the best chance at winning as possible but here are the caviats..

    Points: 100

    Whatever faction you pick, you May only use pieces from the set that faction arrived in. So you can’t use the Jade Super Rares from Barbary Coast or the 10 masters from Savage shores.

    You must include 4 UTs but only from the set your faction was in.

    You must have a nation pure fleet, however if an ability says you can use other crew from other nations you may use them but only to pull pieces from the same set.

    What would your fleet be?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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