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Surprised you didn’t react to the Rage of Atlantis (no problem, just figured you’d find it interesting); I may just make her Cursed.

I do find he interesting, just didn’t have anything to say about he when she was posted. This is one of the few times I’d ague against making a ship Cursed. Given the huge amount of custom stuff they’ve already gotten (and will likely continue to get) I think the Atlantis could be better off in another faction. I know you’ve made a TON of Merc stuff, but this would tie in flavor wise to the Atlantis themed Mercenary customs I made for FoBI.


The Triomphe is weird to me. Not much cargo, good cannons and speed. The Link is what makes this weird, since you could fit a HUGE number of named crew on this. Just thinking as I type, if the princess is placed on her, then the possibilities get even wackier.


The Oceania at fist didn’t impress me, but she’s growing on me. Lots of cargo and average speed for a ten. He poorer cannons make me inclined to use boarding oriented combinations with her, such as Captain Nemo and other such crew.