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Amazon journey is an interesting hybrid. Lots of cargo for gold, but decent cannons and the catamaran keyword keeping her somewhat safe for the first couple of hits. Her abilities are interesting as well. I’m not sure how relevant that form of cancelling will be, but in large games any form of it will probably be sought out. The other ability is a little weird to me, I’m not too fond of it, since I rarely have lots of ships within S of an island, but if you set this up to just be a gold runner, I think it would make this thing VERY fast, especially once you add a helmsman to her. On the return trip you’re looking at 5S speed!


Two more treasures!


Staff of Fusion
Choose an enemy ship. That ship’s crew and this ship’s crew switch places and their nationality changes to match the nationality of the ship they are switched to.



Skull Spiders
Eliminate all of this ship’s crew. This treasure cannot be unloaded. When this ship touches another ship, place another of this treasure on that ship.