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I might change Zesk to one or the other, but probably not both.

The last regular crew! Tomorrow we delve into the Unique Treasure section of SpMg!


SAC– Once per turn you may eliminate one of this ships crew to give her an extra action.

Guardian— This piece is linked to all other pieces with this keyword.


Rafael Castro
Points: 9
Ability: Hostile: Spain. Ex-Patriot. SAC. This ship may dock at an enemy home island and load one treasure. If able, she must leave on your next turn.

Flavor: When his father’s revolution ended with his death, Rafael vowed revenge not just on the Spanish crown, but on the world as a whole. His quest so far for global vengeance has met with mixed success.



Points: 9
Ability: Ex-patriot. Guardian. When this ship is given a shoot action, for every cannon roll of 6, eliminate an extra mast and one cargo from the target ship.

Flavor: Whether he is silent by choice or not is unclear, but what is clear is Maxilos’s skill with cannons and firearms. He is patiently waiting for his time to strike, and with Makeza is keeping an eye on Nemo’s growing power.