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With the Born Leader keyword, are you supposed to take an action before rolling for the ability to get SAT?  This line from the Code seems to imply that: “-The die roll for this ability is made immediately before giving the action you wish to repeat.”  However, the ability text indicates otherwise.

In normal usage the timing won’t matter that much, just as long as the roll happens before doing the action you want to repeat.

That line in the PC about doing it immediately before the action is mostly for bookkeeping/clarity purposes so there’s no confusion about what the roll is being used for, but it also prevents (or at least reduces) any attempts to fudge the rules by generating the action but then removing the crew from the ship before actually taking it.  I can’t recall specifics, but I think at one point someone found a weird loophole that line closed.

When an American native canoe is exploring, can you use the ability of another canoe within S to take a treasure from the first canoe (while it’s still exploring), thus allowing the first canoe to load additional treasure(s)?  (“Once per turn as a free action, you can transfer one treasure from a friendly ship within S of this ship to this ship.”)

That treasure-grabbing ability isn’t triggered as part of the explore action, so you have to complete the entire action before you can use it.

What you could do is have a non-canoe ship explore to load up with treasure, then have the canoes nearby grab one each from there and move away with their own actions.