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If I could have some clarity on transferring cargo. Suppose two friendly ships are docked at the same friendly fort. Can the two ships transfer cargo (treasure, crew, etc) between them? Either by placing it on/in the fort and then onto the other ship or could the cargo simply be moved from A to B without needing to go to the island in between?

Also, where is the “Transfer Rule” covered? Is it in the Code and I’ve just been missing it?

Crew can be freely transferred while docked at the island, but other forms of cargo require explore actions, regardless of the type of island or what else is there.   Ship A would have to explore to unload/load, then Ship B would need a separate explore to load/unload.   Ship A would then have to explore again if B unloaded something that was wanted.

To freely transfer cargo between the ships with just a single action they have to be touching each other directly, and one has to explore the other; you can’t go through an island or anything else in between.


There’s a Transfer, Load, and Unload section on page 5 of the PC, but that doesn’t really address this situation.

The part about crew (crew specifically, not “cargo”) is in the Docking section of the rulebook, and the transfer between ships (no mention of islands) is at the very end of the Exploring section.   The Fort rules don’t add anything that overrides or changes either of those.

The restrictions are as much by exclusion as being specifically spelled out, because of the specific wording used (similar to how sea creatures can “only” take specific actions, which restricts others).