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Does the Sea Monster movement bonus ability (Sargasso Nightmare, El Pescador, etc.) apply to the target Sea Monster for one move action or an entire turn? For example, if I have a friendly SM within L of El Pescador and I give that Monster a move action that puts it out of range of El Pescador. If I give that Monster a second action to move again, would Pescador’s +L still be applied?

Thinking about I think it might not, since the ability says begins move, not begins turn.

Ability for reference:
If a sea monster begins its move within L of this ship, it gets +L to its base move

It applies only to a move action that begins within L of the ability source.    If the sea monster gains a second action but is no longer within range, it does not get the bonus for the second action.

How does the ability of Intermediario interact with Mysterious Islands? Would his ability bypass any effects of revealed MI’s? As in, I wouldn’t need to roll for effects if I use Intermediario to get treasure onto a nearby friendly ship(s)?

They don’t interact at all, because Intermediario’s ability doesn’t involve docking.  It will not reveal a face down MI, and it will ignore any ability of a face up one (no roll required or allowed).

If you do dock the sea monster at a MI before using the ability, you have to completely resolve the island (reveal, roll, apply instant effects, etc.) before moving treasure to other ships.