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The Pirate Code, Scorpion keyword, pg 37

“Defensive pieces such as the panels of a turtle ship or the outrigger of a catamaran are ignored by a blade attack, and remain in place.”


What else does a scorpion blade ignore? The Code only has this one line about the blade attack ignoring defensive abilities. Would the blade eliminate a mast from a ship such as the Constitution(RV) or Algernon; or ships that cannot be hit by L-range cannons or cannot be shot at by ships within S?

The updated text in the Master Keyword List covers that part.   Even though it can be triggered by a shoot action, it’s not actually part of that action, and it’s not treated like a cannon, so essentially it bypasses/ignores ALL defensive abilities that would prevent shots and/or reduce damage.

Aside from keeping your distance or taking out the scorpion before it can attack, the only ability that will help is a canceler that can disable the keyword before the blade swings.