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On a related note, for win condition #3 on page 14, can the phrase “a player” mean the opposing player, or does every “his/her/player” reference in that sentence specifically reference the active player’s turn and no opponents?

That applies only to the current/active player’s own turn.   If some other player gets wiped out in between, the endgame condition doesn’t trigger until their turn starts.

I assume there is no way to eliminate the Wolves UT from the same ship that finds it on an island?  I think the free explore would end before you could voluntarily shoot with a musketeer (if you had Captain), and a Marine shot would be a separate action from the explore that reveals the Wolves. (especially for initial discovery of the Wolves)

Aside from some other UT that can trigger at the same time (Kharmic Idol, Pirata Codex, Jailhouse Dog), there’s no way to eliminate Wolves during the explore action when it’s first found.  You’ll need separate/extra actions to get rid of it first.