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Suppose you have the Savage Shores version of Wraith in your fleet, and a source of the SAC ability. If I SAC a crew can I choose not to roll for Wraith or is the roll mandatory? PC entry seems to indicate that the roll is optional.

The wording of Wraith does imply that it’s mandatory, but I don’t think it’s ever been treated that way in the PC.    There are a few others in the game with similar wording that are considered optional too.   I’ll think about it, but for now play as noted in the PC, with the roll being optional.

Would the Mines unique treasure be considered a direct ability affect if it was used against a ship with Holy Water/Davy Jones Heart?

Mines: Load this treasure face down. Reveal it when target enemy ship moves within S of this ship. Choose and eliminate one mast from the target at the end of her move. Remove Mines from the game.

Yes, Holy Water/DJH will protect a ship from Mines.

Thematically, the use of mines seems like a gray area, but the way the actual ability is worded makes it a direct effect.  The exact same wording could have just as easily been a cannon or some other weapon that produced the same end result.   If you placed the token in the water and left it there until someone else got too close, it might be a different story…