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I certainly plan on doing some play testing once the set is more or less complete. I’m a little hesitant on changing the effects of the ability as I personally really like the idea, however I’m definitely not opposed to adding further restrictions to make that result harder to achieve. Is there anything you would suggest?

You already have Limit attached to it, so I’m not sure what adjustments to make that wouldn’t drastically change the effect.  It’s mostly a concern in very large and/or campaign games where this could be used multiple times and the ships will stick around for a while.  In a more “standard” sized game (40 points or whatever) it would tricky just to fit this one in at all, and hitting with that roll isn’t going to do much to change the outcome of the game compared to just sinking the other ship directly; either way it’s going to be a decisive moment in the game.

One thing you could maybe do is make the six roll also include the five effect so it eliminates all crew (or just named crew?) before capturing the ship, so you’re still getting the ship but it won’t be as capable as it was.