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Can Behemoth copy the specific ability of USS Lamon/Barracuda and ram another ship while submerged?




Just to confirm, the ignoring terrain ability does not allow you to shoot while overlapping a fog bank either?  (similar to Ghost Ship as discussed above)

Correct.  The same ruling applies to both (no shooting from inside fog).



What would happen if you got Explosives onto a switchblade? If it hits more than one ship with it’s blades and rams another ship, which ship can Explosives be applied to? Could it be applied to all of the affected ships, or just to one of them? If just to one of them, which one?

 You can apply it to only one of the ships affected by the blades.   Because you ram/board each ship one at a time, and Explosives is optional, you can choose which one to apply it to.   If it goes off and blows up your ship, any opposing ships still waiting to be rammed/boarded as part of the Switchblade effect would get away untouched.

On a similar tangent, would an Eternal ship that used Explosives successfully against another ship return to its home island per the Eternal keyword, or would the UT override the keyword?

Explosives sinks the ship but doesn’t do anything extra, so Eternal still functions normally and sends the ship home.