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“The Code, Nemo’s Plans”

If a UT applies to, modifies, or is triggered by a specific action or situation (other than exploring the wild island) it may be used once, each time that action or situation occurs.

Does this mean that if Cross of Coronado (or a similar treasure) were on the same ship as the Plans, you could use the Cross every time the ship would loose a mast, or just the first time?

Ability of CoC for reference:

You may load this treasure face down. If one of this ship’s masts would be eliminated, you may reveal Cross of Coronado and remove it from the game instead.

Nemo’s Plans belongs in a museum!   Then it won’t keep causing so many problems.

 The “once each time” phrase is most important here, so you could use the Cross multiple times in a turn if multiple different mast elimination effects occur, but if multiples would happen as part of a single action (shoot action, most commonly), the Cross could only prevent the elimination of a single mast during that action.


Using the same line from the Plans, how many times could you trigger Runes of Thor/Loki per turn? Once per every turn, once per your turn?

Similar applies to these.   You could use it against a ram roll, then a boarding roll, and then a single shoot action roll, but you can’t use it on every single die rolled during a single shoot action.

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