2019 State of the Pirates Community Address

Inspired by the annual “State of the Union” address, as the arguable leader of the current Pirates CSG community, I hope to make this an annual tradition.

2018 was a very dark year for the game of Pirates CSG.  The potential closure of Miniature Trading prompted me to create a new forum on this website, which is an upgraded version of my old Weebly site.  The community has become somewhat fractured, although it was already like that before the Miniature Trading crisis hit.

However, there is plenty of good news.  The forum at Pirates with Ben is up and running, and Miniature Trading is still alive!  Various parts of the community grew in the past year, with the Facebook group surpassing 200 members and the Discord server being created.  However, the scattered community is part of the reason I plan to do things mostly on Pirates with Ben going forward.

Plenty of content is still being created, between my youtube channel and the Pirates CSG Podcast.  It is quite possible that 2019 will see a bit of a decrease in video and audio content overall after the explosion of those in 2017 and 2018.  Of course, there is still plenty to talk about, and plenty of games to play.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the Pirates world going forward.  After a slight dip in some prices, it seems that the market is still one for sellers, with the Shui Xian recently auctioning for $79 and an Obago Deuce commanding a whopping $500 on eBay.  Regardless, it seems like a great time to finish the decade strong!

Feel free to respond to this State of the Community address, and add your own thoughts! 😀

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