Wizkids Pirates – First physical game in 11 months

Wizkids Pirates – First non-solo physical game in 11 months

Finally played another physical game of Wizkids Pirates for the first time in quite a while!  It was a simple 1v1 game at a 50 point build total with an opponent who hadn’t played for a few years.

I rolled to go first with a mixed fleet of allied minor faction ships:

Grand Mountain + captain, helmsman

Fenrir + captain, helmsman

Pasha’s Delight


My opponent went with a Cursed American fleet:

USS Georgetown + captain, helmsman

Pawtucket + captain, helmsman

Nightmare (OE version) + helmsman


Here’s the setup; 2 wild islands with about 6 coins apiece.

Pirates CSG


4 ships docked at the islands, while the Grand Mountain and USS Georgetown engaged in a gunnery duel.

Pirates CSG


While the Fenrir and Pasha’s Delight took the best 3 coins from the two islands, the Grand Mountain sailed into combat, nearly dismasting both captained enemy ships while losing 3 masts of her own.  The luck disparity loomed large in this game, as I was luckier than usual and my opponent missed even with the 2L cannons.

Pirates CSG


The Grand Mountain abandoned her pursuit of the Pawtucket to go after the slower and less dangerous Nightmare, but only hit 2/3, allowing the Nightmare to unload all 4 of her coins!  However, with USS Georgetown out of combat, the Fenrir and Pasha’s Delight were able to safely extract the final coins in play without issue.

Pirates CSG


In a close finish, my minor faction alliance fleet emerged victorious by a score of 17-15!

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