Two New Players Taught! May 28th, 2017

Two new players taught


Taught two relatives how to play today!  It was a very simple 20 point introductory game using the simple rules.  Didn’t have my camera or phone with me but here’s a quick summary:

I went first with the Templar and Lucy’s Luck, followed by a player with the Enfant Terrible and Felicite.  The other player fielded the Lord Cauldwell and Scorpion.  The Lucy’s Luck and Scorpion were able to bring home 3 coins apiece in their first trips.  The Templar shot 2/2 to dismast the Felicite, who was later towed home by the Enfant Terrible, but not before the Templar stole 2 of her 3 coins.  Those coins were fought over for the rest of the game, with lots of ramming and boarding between the Lord Cauldwell, Templar, Scorpion, and Enfant.  In the end, I tied with the LC/Scorpion player with 13 gold apiece (they won the masts remaining tiebreaker), while the French had 4.

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