60 Point Game on VASSAL with PirateAJ14 – May 13th, 2017

Played another game on VASSAL with pirateaj14, this time a 60 Point Game.

San Cristobal + captain, helmsman
La Resolucion + captain, helmsman
El Alquimista
La Monarca + explorer

I used an English Caribbean fleet to celebrate the new movie coming out in a few weeks!
HMS Dauntless + captain, helmsman, Murtog
HMS Interceptor + Admiral James Norrington + helmsman
Edinburgh Trader + helmsman

tight setup on the VASSAL module
The SC lost three masts to a reef, while the Dauntless prepared to shield the Interceptor from the oncoming Spaniards.
60 Point Game on VASSAL with PirateAJ14 - May 13th, 2017

Much gold was loaded, with the Edinburgh Trader finding Holy Water and Rum, providing an eclectic concoction for her helmsman to consume…

The San Cristobal was unsuccessful in her assault on the Dauntless, who promptly sank her.

60 Point Game on VASSAL with PirateAJ14 - May 13th, 2017

The Resolucion outdueled the Dauntless, prompting the Englishman to flee into a fog bank. The crew of the Edinburgh Trader sobered up for the journey home, where they were passed by Norrington in his speedy Interceptor. The Alquimista and Monarca have unloaded gold for the Spanish.

60 Point Game on VASSAL with PirateAJ14 - May 13th, 2017

I noticed how much gold was left in play, and decided to send the Dauntless back into action. However, she was ineffective against the Resolucion and Murtog sadly died in the fiasco. The Edinburgh Trader unloaded some nice coins, while the Interceptor had no choice but to enter a fog bank on her way east.

The Interceptor intercepted the Monarca and sank her! Soon afterwards, pirateaj14 had to leave, so we counted gold. The initial count was 33-32 in favor of the Spaniards! However, there were two caveats. The real score was 35-32 because the Alquimista would have given the Spanish 2 more gold with her ability. In addition, there was some gold left in play (a 6 and a 2), which likely would have been English by the end of the 60 point game. Therefore, a win with an asterisk for the Spanish, but a win nonetheless!

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