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Pirates of the Crimson Coast pack

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Mini Set Review

Product: Pirates of the Crimson Coast

Average eBay pack price: $9.44 (from 2022)

Where to buy: eBay

Factions: Pirates, English, Spanish, French

Features/New Stuff: France, Terrain, Schooners, Forts, Specialists

Ben’s Rating: 19/20

Deliverance Crimson Coast

The mighty and spooky Deliverance, the first ship in the set (#001)

The second set came out in 2005 – Pirates of the Crimson Coast (CC).  This set introduced the French, the Schooner ship type and forts.  This is another classic set with a TON of great ships and crew.  It can also lay claim to the title of “most perfect set”, as it got the highest rating from me when ranking all the sets.  It also has the lowest number of votes for “least favorite set” in the Pirates CSG Survey. You can find all of the game pieces in the Master Spreadsheet, and I’ve ranked the Top 10 here.


– Art: 4/5. More nice historical designs, with slightly more flair than SM. Nice red background on the cards.
– Set Quality: 5/5. Large quantity of good or great ships for all main factions. For me, the forts make it from a 4.5 to a 5. Also, some rather memorable UT’s.
– New Content: 5/5. The final entry to the “Big 4”, France was immediately established as a powerhouse faction. Terrain was a HUGE addition, while forts were a great mechanic – very aesthetic and fun, while providing a nice diversion from the usual naval affairs.
– Collectability/Misc: 5/5. Picked up where SM left off with the faction-based checklist. A perfect little introduction to the super rare concept, and plenty of fantastic commons and uncommons for people with less money to spend. Almost loses a half point due to the cards seeming to fingerprint easily, but perhaps that’s just my experience.
= Overall: 19/20. I actually prefer SM, but CC could be considered a more “perfect” set.

Want to check out Pirates of the Crimson Coast?  eBay is your best bet.

Below you can check out the entire Set Review Podcast episode for a full overview of all the game pieces.

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  1. Hi Ben!

    Thanks for your site, it’s very informative, I like it very much!

    In my country, in Hungary, I can buy only in one store and only 3 types of this game: Crimson Coast, Barbery and the civ. war. CC looks the best from these 3.

    What’s your opinion? If I would have the game but we would like to play it with one of my friends (so 2 players), how many packs should I buy? From what amount of packs could we enjoy this game? I know we can start to play it with only 2 packs, but I think a bit more would be better to try it – but not spending too much if it isn’t our game.


    • Ahoy Attila! Thank you for the kind words!

      What is “civ. war”? Crimson Coast and Barbary Coast are some of the best sets, especially CC as you said. I would buy 8 or 10 packs to start so you can each have 4 or 5. 😀 I hope you love the game!


  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the reply. It seems I will board then and try it! Sorry I meant Pirates of the Revolution. I mixed the revolutionary and the civil wars (100 years… 😀 )


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