Pirates at Ocean’s Edge – Mini Set Review

Pirates at Ocean’s Edge

Pirates at Ocean's Edge pack

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Mini Set Review

Product: Pirates at Ocean’s Edge

Average eBay pack price: $6.23 (from 2022)

Where to buy: eBay and Hill’s Wholesale Gaming

Factions: Cursed, Pirates, English, Spanish, French, Americans

Features/New Stuff: Whirlpools, Sea Dragons, Titans (giant crabs), Sharks, Catamarans, Windcatchers

Ben’s Rating: 12/20

Pirates at Ocean's Edge

OE 10th anniversary game in progress, showing many of the new features of the set

Pirates At Ocean’s Edge (OE, 2007) was a large set that got produced in huge quantities, featuring a ton of different ship types as well as new types of sea monsters.  Due to the massive production, it’s both the cheapest set and the easiest to find.  It features the “Big 6” factions together again, marking the end of minor factions being introduced in their own sets.  OE is a great set for beginners due to the variety, quantity, and price.  Highly recommended if you’re on a budget and just getting into the game, though it can get boring once you’ve used the stuff from the set a lot.  It’s also not balanced at all, as some game pieces are terrible and some are among the best in the game. You can find all of the game pieces in the Master Spreadsheet, and I’ve ranked the Top 10 here.


– Art: 1/5. The ugliest ships are from this set. Overall the artwork is quite boring (Le Musarde lol – even the French got it), with a couple standouts (Zeus). Some of the ships are absolutely garish, and not in a good way (Salte el Tiburon).
– Set Quality: 3/5. A lot of mediocre and extremely boring ships. However, I didn’t give a 2 because there are some absolutely amazing finds here – the brief return of 6 masted junks, a few cool SE’s, two All-Powerful crew, surprisingly playable sea creatures, and some good 5 masters (except for the “new” Acorazado). In addition, the sheer quantity, especially when including the SE’s and LE’s, gives a ton of options for playing, which is great.
– New Content: 3/5. Titans are the best sea creatures by far, and can be rather good. Sea dragons aren’t so hot, but they’re also few in number. The sharks are absolute trash, so thank Wizkids for not releasing any more in later sets (or condemn them for even releasing them in the first place!). Catamarans have always seemed overrated to me, and their disproportionate size looks silly. Windcatchers have always seemed like a glorified 3 masted schooner, but the ones that came out are certainly interesting to play. I happen to love whirlpools, despite them not being realistic at all. Obviously a ton of new stuff – once again the sheer quantity helps the score because it gives options and pleases most people to some degree even if you only like one or two of the new things.
– Collectability/Misc: 5/5. I rate the collectibility as a 3/3 easily, and though I would normally put the miscellaneous score as 1/2, the collectibility is so high that I’m giving the overall category 5/5 (collectibility breaks the scale heh). The biggest set ever, extremely cheap packs (great for new players), very easy to get most of the main set. SE tins rereleased some older ships, while they and the SE’s weren’t terribly difficult to find. Throw in megapacks, the legendary Zeus, and a tough LE set to collect, and you have a crazy collector’s dream while still being the most accessible set to new players due to how common it is and the low price.
= Overall: 12/20. A set famous for being very diverse, common, and cheap. The prevalence of OE makes it very easy to get sick of; I have once again tired of it after a short renaissance around 2017.

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Below you can check out the entire Set Review Podcast episode for a full overview of all the game pieces.

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  1. Hi Ben!

    I’m just recently revisiting this game after having touched it slightly while I was a child, with the original spanish main set. I’m collecting a few sets now to get back into it and get my younger siblings into it. One of the biggest things I’m looking for, though, is getting my hands on a Zeus. I’ve been looking for weeks, but can’t seem to find anywhere that still sells them. Do you know if she actually comes in the ocean’s edge packs, or is there a better way to try?

    • @Chris K: Ahoy! Great to “have you back aboard”. 😉

      Spanish Main is a great set, especially for beginners. Awesome to hear you might be able to get your younger siblings into piracy! XD (the puns/etc never end haha)

      The Zeus was a mail-in promotional LE that doesn’t come in any type of OE pack (even the oversized megapacks that she could theoretically fit inside). Your best bet might be to watch eBay, but I don’t see any there now. I do see some folks with the ship at Miniature Trading though, so you could reach out to them. I just got mine recently and look forward to using her in a physical game for the first time. (already used her on the VASSAL module)

      Also, the Master Spreadsheet has some good information on the distribution of the irregular rarity game pieces. (those that are not C/U/R/SR)

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Not really into this kinda thing but looks really cool! I love the way that you described the different styles you didn’t beat around the bush saying that one of them was the ugliest ship you’d seen haha. I love that kind of raw ‘ tell it like it is’ feedback. Overall very well written article, I’m just sorry I couldn’t say more as I’m not up to speed on this game. Maybe an idea for a future article – explaining the basics. Keep up the great work bro!!


    • @James: Thanks for commenting! I like to be honest in my reviews of the various game pieces. Some of the ships aren’t as good for gameplay as others, or they might not look too good on the gaming table. But it makes it funny in my opinion haha!

      I have exactly what you describe: Beginner’s Guide to Pirates CSG. Embedded on that page are the Rules tutorials videos that explains how to play.

      Have fun,

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