The Demon King – Custom crew review for MRC7: Story Time Part 2

Published to Miniature Trading on July 20th, 2018

Miniature Review: The Demon King – Custom crew review for MRC7: Story Time Part 2 (set: Pirates of the Epic Seas)

Demon King

After revealing a big character of my custom fantasy set on the podcast and the forum, it is time to fully flesh out his story as part of my “grand plan” with the epicness of the Epic Seas set. Xerecs’ MRC#7—Story time part 2 is the perfect opportunity for this.

First, the custom game piece in question:

Demon King
Set: Pirates of the Epic Seas
Faction Affiliation: The Cursed
Type: Crew
Rarity: Rare
10 points
Ability: Captain. Eternal. World Hater. [This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls against any non-Cursed ship.]
Link: All Cursed ships

Flavor: Half demon and half man, the Demon King is a surprisingly happy creature. He is the right-hand “man” of Xenthalos himself as his main lieutenant. His booming laugh can be heard on surrounding ships, but he is only happy because of his immense success so far in his genocidal endeavors.

This is similar to what I imagine the Demon King to look like. I actually envisaged him more with bluish flames, and with a flaming hand or something.

*Note: All of my custom game pieces referenced can be found on the 4th sheet here.


In the Beginning, there were gods. By the End, there will be only One. Xenthalos. When Xenthalos came to recruit the Demon King, the latter was only a lowly captain of a small Cursed vessel. After the Lord of the Apocalypse gave him long life, the Demon King rose in the Cursed ranks to become one of the most feared entities in the world.

Being the main lieutenant of the mighty Xenthalos, the Demon King has been tasked with improving various ships in the Cursed fleet. He is an expert at fitting in with existing crews and not infringing upon a captain’s authority, yet he manages to leave one ship and go to the next after making stark improvements to performance.

Being a Captain in his own right, the Demon King has joined the crews of many vessels during his tenure as a general of Xenthalos. So far, he has claimed home to the Grand Apocalypse, Great Apostasy, and the Feast of Vultures. He has noticed that larger ships with higher capacities for evil and terror are best suited for his high skill set.

Ships that may need his help in the future include the Executioner Flying Dutchman Hades’ Realm Loki’s Revenge Monkey’s Paw Sea Hag Sickle Specter , and possibly even the gigantic Guichuan and Delusion .

The Demon King is always a fan of more speed so he can crush his enemies before they even know of his presence. Helmsmen are always a great thing for Cursed ships to have, while Oarsmen have taken bullets and cannonballs many times before that would have seriously incapacitated the Demon King (his mortality is unknown). However, in most cases his powers have sufficed enough to where his ship doesn’t need additional high-ranking Cursed figures aboard to function optimally.

In his travels and campaigns, the Demon King has met many of the Cursed. He has noticed that he doesn’t get along particularly well with El Fantasma, whose capabilities occasionally rival his own. However, he looks forward to finding Davy Jones , for that is whom Xenthalos seeks out….

Though relatively new to the Cursed as a whole, the Demon King has caught wind of serious foes through other Cursed captains. In particular, a potential alliance between French and Spanish kings has even the Archdiocese of the Apocalypse worried. However, his biggest threat may simply be superior firepower.

Though the Demon King currently ranks as Xenthalos’ second in command, there are various demons, fiends, and even humans vying for the Lord’s attention. These include the Fiendslave, Archangel Fiend, and a certain Mauled Slave…. However, a partnership with the powerful Ring Besis could allow for a dynamic duo to cement their place in the annals of the undead.

With incredible capabilities, the Demon King stands out as one of the finest Cursed admirals. His ability to pilot a ship to victory, bring her back from the dead, and inspire her cannoneers to unmatched feats of firepower have brought humanity low to a point of utter despair.

Unfortunately, being a high-ranking member of Xenthalos’ legions means the Demon King is “too good” (or too proud) to serve on “lesser” Cursed vessels. There’s also the possibility that, if he is indeed mortal, sudden death could ruin his ship’s morale and spell doom for the Cursed in battle. However, 9 out of 10 times, the Demon King has achieved victory!


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