• I now have roughly 200 ships. How do you organize your collections? What is the best ways to store ships that is efficient but easy to find ships and all their parts?

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    I started playing pirates back in 2005 when it first came out. I loved the historical ship designs of the pieces. Recently I stumbled across two 36 pack boxes, one of Revolution and one of Barbary Coast and decided to buy them so I could force my friends to play. I would say I am 80% player and 20% collector. My favorite ship will always be…[Read more]

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    Thank you for the advice! One last question for now. I was planning on changing the ramming rules because they never made sense to me. Instead of galleys not being able to ram I was going to change it to only galleys can ram. It seems to make sense to me thematically and for gameplay reasons, makes 1 masters better. But does this make the Barbary…[Read more]

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    I played this game way back in 2005 for about a year and recently stumbled across some Revolution and Barbary Coast 36 pack boxes. I am going to have some friends (4-5 people) over to play a few games. What would be the best option for setting up a game so my friends have fun? I want to add rules so that just getting the most gold isn’t the…[Read more]

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