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  • I always found the Spanish to have a plethora of good 3 & 4 masted ships, lots of great support gunships and potential hybrids.

  • I just got back into it, and while I am gifting most of my doubles to my brother, I am already finding myself stuck with triples haha, I would much prefer finding people who might be missing them, plus there are ships I struggle to find on ebay like the PotSM EL Acorazado 🤦‍♂️ that and the HMS Bolingbroke are the only ships in that series I have…[Read more]

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    I also am definitely one of those GMs that enforces Nationality, with the exception of Mercenary ships as realistically any faction could hire them. I am planning on doing a game here in a few weeks with random dice controled Barbary Corsair and Cursed fleets since I dont have enough of them to offer full competitive fleets. Instead Im thinking of…[Read more]

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    I used to play games with multiple objectives that had points per objective you completed (ie. Explore All Islands, Steal Gold from 2 ships, kill sea creature, lose no ships,  etc), but you also recieved points for each ship sunk (most often points were based off of ship cost which painted targets on bigger gunships), and then of course points…[Read more]

  • I love this idea, even though I am just getting back in I already have several multiples and lots to acquire. Would be awesome to find people to trade with and buy from.

  • That is interesting… I know Pokemon has some weird similarities to dogfighting and poaching, but it still seems more reasonable for a child than piracy and naval warfare.

    Yeah it was a strange childhood at times, grew up where Pokemon and the sort were considered witchcraft, couldn’t even watch HP…

    That is really intriguing and something I am a…

    [Read more]

  • Back somewhere between 07-09 area I won two local 8 man tournaments and was part of a team win in a 10 man campaign/game . But I will say I lost far more than I ever won 😂 but I never had a huge collection so perhaps with more finances I can now have more options to mess with.

  • Hello everyone! I originally got into the game when the Crimson Coast came out and all my friends were collecting cards and I wasn’t allowed to have Pokemon cards so I naturally shifted to Pirates. As I got into it I found a lot of people at school and at local game shops that loved the game. We even used to have tournaments at the local game shop…[Read more]

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