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    My family first started playing the game when I was in middle school (I was 12 years old I think). My dad came home on a random Saturday afternoon with some Spanish Main packs for my sister and I, and the rest is history. There were MANY an after school “pirate hunt” trip to Walmart or Hobbytown in the following years. My dad is a collector at heart and as a result, my parents still have an entire dresser full of ships, crew cards, and even custom ceramic Islands we made that look pretty awesome. Even after the game stopped printing, my dad and I had to find another game to obsess over so we started playing Axis & Allies: War at Sea. This scratched the itch, but I’ve always have a ton of nostalgia for good old Pirates. Many years have passed but we have recently been talking about getting back into the game to introduce my wife to it, and that’s when I found this site.

    Any of the Tolkien enthusiasts out there will understand my username but it you don’t, Cirdan is an elf in Tolkien’s lore who is the shipwright of the Grey Havens. He’s the oldest elf in Middle Earth at the time of the Lord of the Rings, and one of the wisest. I thought it a fitting username for a website about a seafaring game.

    Whereas my dad is a 50/50 collector and player, I’d say I’m 80/20 in favor of playing. I’m not likely to spend any more money on the game at this point as we have all the ships we are likely to play with, and many many many many many more.

    My favorite thing about the game has always been fleet building. That’s why I was such a sucker for other games like Heroclix, X-Wing, War at Sea… any collectible miniature game around recruiting units at a point limit. I love finding interesting crew/ship combinations, and have been thoroughly enjoying some of the posts here as well as the youtube channel.

    My favorite ship is the original Harbinger. I only won once playing with the ship-stealing strategy but it was still really fun to play. Pirates have always been my favorite faction.

    Anyways, not sure how much I’ll post on the forums but I look forward to getting back into the game, and seeing that the community is still active!

    Happy Gaming!

    -Cirdan the Shipwright

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