• Hey Luke,

    I haven’t joined the discord, but I plan on doing that soon. I need to make an account first.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I am based out of the Bay Area. Go Giants!</p>
    My favorite ship is either the Super Rare Black Pearl, HMS Interceptor, or the Kraken. For crew, I love Captain Nemo and POTC Davy Jones.


  • Hello,

    My name is Cole (CapCaw) and I got into Pirates CSG back in 2009 I believe. I purchased my very own POTC pack and was shocked by how many cards were in the set. I was young at the time so my interest in the game was lost quickly with the rules, but still loved the ships. After that I didn’t find the game again until around 2018. A rush o…[Read more]

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