Leaving a ship outside – results after a few months

Leaving a ship outside – The gory results

I left a duplicate of HMS Mayfair outside for a few months, as I wanted to see what would happen when leaving a ship outside in the weather.  I have many duplicate punched copies of the Mayfair, and she’s one of the most boring and unremarkable ships in existence, not to mention rather fragile in my opinion.  Unfortunately the ship didn’t seem to survive the elements, being found in pieces eventually.  However, I did notice a few interesting things in the wreckage.  One of the masts has a very faded dice marking, while the ship turned much more blue overall.  Check out the pics for the “transformation”, though it’s more a mess than a completed experiment haha.

Leaving a ship outside

This shows the remains of the ship after a few months just outside the house.

Leaving a ship outside

Flipping some pieces over, it’s evident that the cannon marking on the jib mast has faded.

Leaving a ship outside

Compared to a regular HMS Mayfair, serious “bluing” is evident

Leaving a ship outside

Comparison of the sail colors

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  1. Interesting. For the months it was outside, was the weather gernally clear and sunny or more cloudy and rainy? That would have an affect on the ship and it’s paint.
    Where you left it, was it more urban or more country/backwoods? Animal interference could have played a part in the ship breaking apart like it did. In fact I suspect that an animal of some kind did something, since leaving the ship outside should have just resulted in faded paint.

    • The weather was a mix, it was definitely in the rain at least once or more. The pieces feel about the same as before, which doesn’t surprise me because another ship felt fine after being completely submerged for many months on end.

      Thanks for commenting by the way! It should help the site out, with Google rankings and whatnot since they see other people participating here.

  2. Quite interesting. I’ve had seen and had plastic stuff that got left out in the sun become brittle and easily broken, practically dissolved in my hands.
    Your thoughts on possible animal presence?

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