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    The failures that began in summer 2017 of various websites I relied upon have made me realize that web content is not safe, and it is not necessarily “forever”.  First it was photobucket, the breaking of which took out all of my battle reports.  Then postimages changed their url’s, which broke picture battle reports once again (but at least there was an easy fix).  Then in August 2018, Miniature Trading itself was found to be on a path towards destruction.  At any moment all of my 6,000+ posts about Pirates CSG on that site could be gone.

    I’m not saying that you cannot trust this forum or the WordPress system and hosting behind it.  This is simply a word of caution – if you really care about what you might submit to this forum, please also save a copy somewhere for yourself, such as a document or at least in a different spot online (file storage site, etc).  If you have large posts or battle reports or epic responses, that would be a great thing to save in case something bizarre happens.  (you just never know at this point – I don’t own the server or the WordPress platform of course, but hopefully paying for hosting and owning the domain will be enough)

    All that said, I hope that this forum for Pirates CSG can actually last as long as I do.  Which should mean much longer than the ~13 years of the Pirates forum at MT.  I think it is great that the game can finally have a discussion spot on the internet that is owned by the biggest fan of the game currently out there.  After the various disasters and shutdowns (including the original Wizkids forum back in 2008), it’s time for the community to own and control the content produced around this game.

    Thanks for joining Pirates with Ben and I hope this can be a great discussion platform for Pirates CSG for DECADES to come!  😀

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