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    Shane Hartley will be an upcoming guest on the Pirates CSG Podcast!   (he is also in the game – as Thane Hartless from Mysterious Islands!)

    I designed the look and feel of the game, including the logo and all the packaging (from the birth of the game till the end)  and card layouts. I later also art directed the ship art and pirate portraits.

    Feel free to post your questions here! (try to keep them as related to Pirates CSG as possible of course)

    When did you get involved with Pirates CSG?

    What was your involvement with Wizkids like?

    What other designers and artists did you work with?

    Did any of the game’s artists do traditional work? (drawings/paintings/etc.)  If so, do you know if any of it is still out there?

    What was your favorite type of packaging you designed for the game? (packs/tins/boxes/etc) Favorite: ship artwork? Pack/set artwork?

    What’s the story behind the first “faded” printing of SM?  Likewise what was the cause of  some of the uncommons having a “gold” corner?

    Do you know if the attached photos are of a prototype of the original cards, or something else? (see photos of the chinese instructions and white card templates)

    How would you describe your “process” for creating character art? (Character being ship/crew/UT/etc.) Were you responsible for naming, creating art, and sort of seeing each individual game-piece through to completion?

    Do you know who did the Mysterious Islands box art? (with the submarine)

    Am I correct in understanding/interpreting that you were also designing the physical game-pieces/ship types? If so – what inspired the flotillas, switchblades, scorpions & other similar “pokéships” as the community knows them?

    When was it decided to change the numbering scheme for cards, and what sparked that? (transition between Ocean’s Edge and Pirates of the Caribbean sets)

    Were there any legal issues with Z Cardz or Wizards of the Coast when the trading card design was being formulated?

    Did you receive an Obago Deuce in 2008, around the time when Wizkids was shut down?  Do you happen to know how many Obago Deuces were printed?

    On the topic of the Obago Deuce – what specifically was it designed for, (if you know!) a mail in, convention giveaway, prize support, etc.?

    From your site it looks like you designed the Adventure Book.  Do you know if any playable game pieces (such as the ships from it) were ever produced, even just 1 of 1 prototypes?  What was that release going to look like if it had gone to stores? (looks like Vincent Dutrait did all the artwork for it?)

    Did you design any artwork for Return to Savage Shores, or know of any artwork that exists for the set?

    Did you design the packaging and artwork for the Ships in a Bottle?  Do you know if more than the two prototypes for them ever existed, and if so, where they may have ended up?

    Do you know of any artwork for Ochobrazo or any other unreleased game pieces? (found in the second to last tab of the Master Spreadsheet)

    If you could take back one piece of artwork/design, what would it be? In other words – are there any particular pieces of ship or crew artwork that you feel didn’t hold up or shouldn’t have made it past the cutting room?

    Many misprints seem to have been fixed in foreign language printings of the game, were you also responsible for the artwork on these versions of the sets?

    Do you have any knowledge on where the ships were made? (factory location/company name/etc.)

    Do you know what type of printer that was used for the card making process? (ex: flexographic press due to the material being used, stochastic press, or digital press)

    Did you ever play or have involvement with the SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) digital version?

    Do you remember a favorite game piece you worked on?

    How did Thane Hartless from Mysterious Islands come to be?

    Do you have a favorite ship type?

    Did you have any ideas that didn’t make it into the game’s production run? (artwork, other packaging ideas, etc.)

    What is your favorite memory of Pirates CSG?

    Do you still have a collection of Pirates CSG stuff? Do you have any unique or 1 of 1 items?


    Ran out of time for these on the podcast:

    What advice would you give to community members who are designing artwork for their own 3D printed ships, or crew cards, or even full sets?

    How did you feel about the game going out of print?  Could anything have saved it?

    What do you think is the biggest reason that Pirates CSG went out of print?

    Do you think the game has a chance to come back in the future? (despite licensing issues mentioned by Zev Schlasinger)

    Do you think it would have a better chance coming back as a physical or digital game?

    If Pirates CSG came back, would you want to return to it?

    Looks like you had involvement with Raceday, & Star Wars Pocketmodels too. We’re you also involved with Rocketmen & the unreleased LOTR Pocketmodels?

    How did work on those games compare to your work on Pirates?

    What are you doing now?

    Where can people find you online?

    Anything that you want to promote or give a shoutout to?

    It looks like you have had a really healthy and lengthy career in the analog gaming industry. Any standout projects that you’d like to highlight or chat about?

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