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    I’m using the News tag and the Updates tag for official website posts, but to increase visibility, I’m also starting a thread for both as well.  Sometimes my posts here will simply be links to the official website posts.

    In today’s case, there’s not much to say or write, so I’m just going to share the news to the forum directly.  Today (2/7/2019) I messaged Zev Shlasinger (formerly of Z-Man Games, creators of Merchants and Marauders), who now is part of their board game department.

    Check out his response here.

    Zev Shlasinger Pirates CSG



    I just changed the home page to be “regular” instead of full width.  This is mostly so the top menu shows up the same on the home page as it does on nearly all other pages.  Added an Affiliate Disclosure to the Privacy Policy page, as I’d prefer to have all the “official legal junk” in one place.  XD  Since there was a bit of extra room on the third line of the menu, I also added the recent and rapidly growing Fleets category to the menu to fill it out.

    Any feedback on how the site looks/functions (I still need to check/improve the speed more often, it’s just technical and sometimes difficult/time-consuming to figure out) is appreciated, just realize that improvements will probably be incremental and slow compared to some of the major stuff from last year. (which was inevitable given how new/bare/slow the site was at various times in its first ~8 months)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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