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    Holiday Booty Giveaway Contest!
    Any interested parties must submit at least one battle report with pictures or video describing what happened during the game. It does not need to be in-depth, and can be a summary.

    -ALL 10 winners will receive at least: 10 ships, 5 crew (at least one with coins), 3 islands. These will be from various sets, but mostly from Ocean’s Edge, Rise of the Fiends, and Fire and Steel. No minor factions, Big 6 only.
    Additional Prizes:
    1st Place: South China Seas booster pack
    2nd Place: Ocean’s Edge Special Edition Box (equivalent of 3 OE packs + 1 SE ship)
    3rd Place: Barbary Coast booster pack
    4th Place: Mysterious Islands Convention Pack
    5th Place: Ocean’s Edge booster pack
    -Additional prizes might be added later on. There also might be surprise booty in some packages, but no promises.

    -The battle reports must be for games played between November 5th and December 4th.
    -Post your battle reports here in whatever form you want to – text and pictures here, a link to a shared google doc, a video on youtube, etc. I am posting this contest on the following Pirates CSG sites, and all entrants from them will be considered and looked at: Pirates with Ben, Discord server, Facebook group, BoardGameGeek, Pojo. However, so I don’t have to edit 5 different posts with the same information, ALL updates will only be at the Pirates with Ben forum thread, including the winner announcement and any additional details.
    -Each game group or household counts as one entry, regardless of how many battle reports are posted and how many potential different players submit separate battle reports for the same game/etc.
    -Winners must pay $10 for shipping costs before prizes are mailed. This flat rate is partially to offset the cost of the mailers.

    I will pick the winners and rank the top 5, based on a multitude of factors: (generally in order of highest importance to me)
    -Overall size of the games, including both the number of fleets/players and the build total or points in play size. (more=better)
    -Quantity of battle reports – the more games the merrier!
    -Strategic and tactical details of games – such as player politics/negotiations, reasons for why a fleet made certain decisions, highlighting thought provoking rules questions that came up that haven’t been answered, and what kinds of players were involved. Optimal submissions will include the standings at the end of the game, with a gold/points/etc score for each player.
    -Videos of gameplay footage or extra pictures, closeup shots, custom islands/terrain, etc.
    -I am flexible on the type of game documented (deathmatch, campaign, etc), but usage of custom game elements such as ironclads, steamships, planes, nuclear bombs, etc, will be heavily penalized. (no penalty for using any Wizkids game pieces)

    Additional Details
    I anticipate reading and judging all submissions between 12/5-12/10, box up on 12/11, and ship out the week of 12/12 so that hopefully all winners get their booty by Christmas.

    If you are announced as a prize winner, feel free to let me know your faction preferences for the ships and crew you’ll receive. No promises but I will try to incorporate that.

    If anyone from the community wants to contribute additional prize support, please let me know. All I ask is that if additional prizes are contributed, they must be with me by 12/11 so I don’t have to be a shipping middleman throughout December. After that date if anyone wants to contribute they can contact the winners or an entrant of their choice and ship things directly to them. 🙂

    I know this isn’t as grand or lucrative as the Kids’ Club from 2020, but I’m trying not to get in over my head. 🙂 If you have any questions, please ask them here. Hopefully we’ll see some additional reports of games played with the prizes at Christmas gatherings! Looking forward to a holiday season of playing this great game of Pirates CSG!


    2 weeks left until the deadline!


    Thought I’d have a go at doing something a bit different with a video battle report. It’s just for a very small game I played by myself, but I’m hoping to get a video finished for a slightly larger 4 player game I played yesterday.


    December 4th is the last day for submissions!


    Finally managed to finish my 4 player battle report video. Ended up taking quite a bit of time to put together and I was quite busy during the week, but I made it! This one is quite  lengthy, but hopefully you still enjoy.


    Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 Holiday Booty Giveaway Contest!  I have read/watched all the submitted Battle Reports and here are the results in regards to the extra prizes. There were only 6-7 total entrants so everyone will get the standard goodies!


    1. Skelebone 1, Skelebone 2, Skelebone 11/29, Skelebone 12/2 (twice as many games played as anyone else and some at relatively high build totals, plus very descriptive and easy to understand reports with great postgame summaries with lessons learned/etc.)
    2. CrazyIvan 1, CrazyIvan 2 (excellent videos and BR production effort!)
    3. Captain Vendari 1, Captain Vendari 2 (great pictures and summary)
    4. Highlander 1, Highlander 2 (nice high quality pictures!)
    5. Slappin300s/T26E4 (minimal reporting but impressive game scale)
    6. Ochobrazo2298 (scattered throughout channel) – no top 5 prize due to game not starting or ending in time window, which I should have clarified beforehand as not being much of an issue. Would have been 2nd or 3rd if finished by the end of 12/4, but will receive some kind of extra prize due to size/epicness of game and effort involved with custom stuff included.

    There were also some awesome pictures posted by a member of the FB group within the contest time window; I’ve asked if they would like a prize as well even if not originally intending to submit specifically for the contest.

    Great job to all and I hope you keep enjoying this game as much as I saw in the BR’s!  Let me know if you are able to make good use of the prizes once you have them and we can all continue the pirate traditions of enjoying this game and sharing it!


    Thanks for putting this on, Ben! Had a great time playing and had just as fun writing up the reports. This was probably the most I’ve played in a while, and its definitely inspired me to try and play more often.

    Happy Holidays!

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