Reply To: The Fleets Thread


@Mechavelli: I like the English fleet!  Though I hate the Treachery due to her flavor text (English are my favorite faction).  Hopefully you can sub her out for the Cumberland or Antelope sometime.  🙂

I once won a game with Marques Miguel Antonio and False Treasure taking up half the point cost.

That deserves a battle report.  XD

I once beat El Acorazado with the Zephyr.

Explosives?  Or just part of the game in terms of gold?

Interesting fleet you’ve got percolating there.  Angria is extremely expensive for what he does, and Chelios is arguably not better.  Mercenary named crew in a 40 point fleet is going to be rough either way.  Are you purposely restricting yourself to only submarines?  They do have a few options with 4 cargo that Chelios could be assigned to.

I’ve tried some all-Mercenary fleets designed to win.  You can currently see the main 2 at the top of this search.