Reply To: The Fleets Thread


I’ve managed to make a couple decent offensive Corsair fleets. I once won a game with Marques Miguel Antonio and False Treasure taking up half the point cost. I once beat El Acorazado with the Zephyr. But now I face my toughest challenge yet… building a mercenary fleet that can actually win a game.

The mercenaries are probably my third favorite nation (France-Corsairs-Mercs) but god there’s no way around them being the worst at the base game. They might not have even been intended to be played as a pure nation, though the lore certainly indicates that they are all on the same “team” more or less.

I have exactly half the fleet pretty much set:

Devil Ray, Yeshaji Angria, Cursed Zone.

I think I want to use Nikos Chelios as well, which will allow for more gold stealing, as well as using lots of UTs to slow an opponent down like Metal Hull and Enemy of the State. But where to put him on? The Mobilis is cheap at 11 points and has a canceller so I can actually unload treasure at my HI, but it only moves S and if I put a helmsman on it then I can’t use Chelios’s ability. I can use Brave Selkirk to further steal treasures, but I wouldn’t be able to ever offload.

Maybe Devil Ray with Yeshaji, and Brave Selkirk with Chelios and Fiore? I really like Cursed Zone when using MIs though…