Reply To: The Fleets Thread


Well I went ahead and bought Le Loup-Garou anyway. (Saw it for 50 cents so why not?)

Here’s a fail-tastic “fleet” that, for some reason, tries to invest everything into LLG:

Le Bon Marin (6 pts)

Le Loup-Garou (34 pts)

– LeNoir (F&S 4 pt version)

– Benoit de Marseilles

– Michel de Bordeaux

The two Marines did well on board Le Favori in a similar concept. Le Favori’s speed and L-range immunity allowed it to be a platform for the marines to shoot safely. This fleet just goes all in on that gimmick. The weakness of the Favori build was boarding. That’s fixed with the Ghost Ship ability. Also, Lenoir will stop captains in their tracks, essentially giving the ship the “can’t be shot at by ships S away from her” ability. It can only be hit by L-range guns more than S-away, which is pretty tricky. Or else you’d need something like a Captain AND an extra action crew.

Is this fleet good? No. Is it going to be fun? I think so!