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No 10 master this past Sunday so here we go again!

Slave Revolt
Type: Ship
Faction Affiliation: Pirate
Rarity: LE
Point Value: 31
Number of Masts: 10
Cargo Space: 8
Base Move: S
Cannons: 4L-4L-4S-4S-4S-3L-3L-5S-4S-4S
Ability: Junk. This ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls for every crew assigned to her. If this ship does not have a Captain or linked crew aboard, eliminate one crew from this ship at the beginning of each of your turns.
Link: Alshon Garnow, Havana Black, Mauled Slave

Flavor text: The biggest slave uprising in the history of the African continent has produced an unhealthy mass of vengeful former slaves. Taking command of an old treasure ship docked in Lagos, over 1200 slaves have come aboard to wreak havoc on the seas. Their seafaring inexperience shows in the vessel’s poor performance, but sheer brutality and manpower may propel the ship to surprising “heights” of chaos. Alshon Garnow has been elected the ship’s captain, but the ex-slaves have heard of the exploits of both Havana Black and the “Mauled Slave”, and hope to bring them aboard and be led to glory.

Alshon Garnow
Type: Crew
Faction Affiliation: Pirate
Rarity: LE
Point Value: 4
Ability: This crew can only use his abilities on his linked ship. Each turn, up to 2 of this ship’s non-Captain generic crew can reuse their ability once each.
Link: Slave Revolt

(Musketeer can shoot twice, Shipwright can repair 2 masts, Firepot Specialist could be used twice in a turn, etc.)

Flavor text: Slightly hesitant to accept the role of Captain on the overcrewed Slave Revolt, the 24-year-old Garnow has nevertheless thrived as a calm and motivating leader of slaves. When the leaders of the revolt were killed in the escape, he was the main “mastermind” left to take control. Without Garnow’s calmness and wisdom, the crew aboard the Slave Revolt would likely have descended into civil wars and cannibalism by now.

Historical Custom of the Day #405

Francis Witherborn
3 points
Ability: This ship gets +1 to her d6 rolls against the Spanish.

You can find my custom sets here: Pirates of the Age of Sail and Pirates of the Epic Seas