Reply To: The Fleets Thread


You guys were right, I checked the Spanish Native Canoes and they’re 9 points, not 10. As such, here’s my new Rebel Spanish fleet:

Rebel Spanish

40 pts

El Leon: 14 pts

Captain + Helmsman + Contessa Anita Amore

San Pedro: 21 pts

Explorer + Native Chieftain

Native Canoes

El Raton: 9 pts


Divers: 1 pt

Fortaleza Dorada 

With the addition of Divers, this fleet should have a maximized gold output from all sources. Not only do the Spanish create gold from nowhere, but this fleet can also put its war dogs to good use by hunting enemy runners and blasting them; not only do they serve the purpose of protecting the ever-important gold runners, but El Leon and El Raton can also generate a modest income by stealing it from whoever is so lucky to come across them!