Reply To: The Fleets Thread


Whoaaa it looks like I missed an integral part of the ramming rules. Only the ramming ship is pinned, not both! Ok, this means that ramming is fairer than I thought earlier: You can remove a mast most of the time for free, but you sacrifice a move action next turn. It would used for finishing moves, I suppose, in that case.

Now that I know that the Bonne Chance won’t pin anybody, I guess I can still use her to ram and finish something off, but it’s a lot riskier now that the enemy ship can move away. I would have to make sure that the enemy isn’t left with more than 2 masts, that way they don’t kill my Mont Blanc or Bonne Chance next turn. It’s going to be a little more case-to-case now.

Anyways, advice is needed! Is this as tight and deadly as it can be? This isn’t for a learning game, it’s fully competitive!