Reply To: The Fleets Thread


I assume you mean the flotilla, not the blockade runner for Mont Blanc?

Been a while since I’ve done a deathmatch– 12 years, actually– so my advice is probably outdated but I feel like speed is king in them. So the 3S MontBlanc towing a flotilla is a nice move, and Arathiel being able to effectively double your movement speed is also a must. I don’t know what your collection is like, or what the rules here are, but I really like Firepots in Deathmatches.

Also, if you have/can get them, the extra 5 pt guy whose name I’m blanking on + Monsieur LeNoir might be useful here. You can replace 2 Oarsmen to make room, meaning that Arathiel will have less “bait” to SAC but you get a sweet canceller ability in the trade-off.