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Alright boys, I’ve got a very special game coming up soon. We’re not sure when we want to do this, but next weekend might be the perfect time.

My friends and I were thinking of having our first ever deathmatch, and I’ve crafted a French fleet that I hope will put up a good fight!

Pour l’Empereur!

40 pts

Le Soleil Royal: 23 pts

Capitaine Arathiel, Helmsman, Vicomte Jules de Cissey, 3 Oarsmen

La Bonne Chance: 22 pts

Captain, Le Mont Blanc

The object of this fleet is to bring an overwhelming amount of guns to bear at a critical point. Arathiel has 3 chances to make his ability count (4 if he’s desperate enough to sac the helmsman) so against the two opponents I’ll be having, the Soleil should put in a lot of work. The Bonne Chance will be there to act as a huge beatstick, to ward off any retaliation, and to bog down any enemies. It can unhitch the Mont Blanc and ram something, firing first to make sure the ram roll goes our way, keeping an enemy stuck in the water while the Mont Blanc takes potshots at whatever comes out of the melee.

Let me know what you guys think of this fleet. I’m really proud of it and I had a lot of fun coming up with it, and it just further solidifies my love for the French.

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