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So I remember back on MT there was a discussion (mentioned by Ben I believe) about formulating an “updated” pirates code based upon the the experience and opinions of the present fan base.

There are some examples of modified rule sets form other players

From what I have seen so far there has not been an attempt to modify the existing pirate code in a way that maintains the framework of the games rules but addresses various issues we as fans have come to identify and fix via house rules.

Here is a list of examples of areas in pirates that I continue to see identified as potential issues or lead to problems. (not a comprehensive list)

-Turtle ship keyword and no protection from ramming
-Cargo masters and limit on effect
– A multitude of keywords likely way over( or under) priced
– Fear, SAC, ghost, possession, massacre, …. ect
– Unique ship types often crippled by overpriced abilities (scorpion, switchblade, subs,

-“sea monsters” (encompassing all creatures of the ocean, even sharks) and lack of captain ability and price issues
– Ships and the multitude of over/ under price on abilities. (especially for the cursed)

What are your thoughts on creating an alternative Pirate CSG code that only seeks to balance out and address some of the key issues we routinely see? This would mean alternative point costs for ships and crew (not every piece just the most egregious pieces) as well as modifications of some keywords.

The goal would be to have the community (those present and willing to voice an opinion) vote and discuss how to best change parts of the code and then have Woelf (should he be willing and available) ratify the changes ensuring they improve game play and do not break the game. Ben has already done excellent work surveying the community about the rules and what opinions people have. This will be incredible valuable when attempting to identify key of the code to work on.

This of course would not be official changes to the Wizkids game nor required to be observed by anyone. It would however, provide players (both on vassal and at home) an improved pirates code helping to shore up strategic holes in the game and improve gameplay. I foresee an improvement in factions such as the Cursed where their general tournament weakness may be improved by cheaper point-costs and more realistic keywords.

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