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Would Luis be able to use his chain shot from that bow cannon, or would he still need to have a target within S?

Still within S, Chain Shot is what allows full range.  I have added the various specialist crew titles and their full ability texts under the keywords tab to minimize confusion.  The truly new ones (Grapeshot Specialist and Grappleshot Specialist) were already there, but your comment reminded me that I should add the regular ones too since I prefer to abbreviate them.  There may be some inconsistencies in the naming of “Grapeshot” vs. “Grape Shot” Specialists, etc.  I suppose one word makes sense due to how the Chainshot Specialist was worded before the associated equipment was released.

Anyway, onto (yet another) 10 master!!  XD  I suppose you could say I’ve “jumped the shark”, but perhaps I did that a long time ago with this set too.

Type: Ship
Faction Affiliation: Pirate
Rarity: LE
Point Value: 47
Number of Masts: 10
Cargo Space: 5
Base Move: L
Cannons: 3L-3L-4S-4S-4S-4L-4L-4L-4S-4S
Ability: Junk. Fog Hopper. [If this ship ends her turn in a fog bank, on her next turn she may use her move action to move out of any other fog bank in play.] This ship ignores storm terrain. If this ship is within S of a storm, she gets +1 to her d6 rolls.
Link: Robert Alcantara

Flavor text: When lightning strikes, it is said that Zeus is near. Lately it has been this behemoth, gliding out of dismal weather to surprise both navy vessels and coastal towns. The crew’s goals are not known, but perhaps the Stormcloud’s reign of dominance is just beginning.

Robert Alcantara
Type: Crew
Faction Affiliation: Pirate
Rarity: LE
Point Value: 10
Ability: Captain. EA. [Extra Action: Once per turn, roll a d6. On a 5-6, this ship may be given an extra action.] If this ship is within S of a storm when this ship is given a move action, she gets +S to her base move. This ship cannot remain docked on consecutive turns.
Link: Stormcloud

Flavor text: Seemingly “normal” by most modern accounts, Alcantara has lived an extraordinary life. Although the details are muddled, he has ended up captain of one of the most feared and unique vessels on the ocean. Teaching every single crewmember his exemplary discipline, Captain Alcantara has made the Stormcloud a monster. Preferring to never go into port for fear of crew laziness and ship capture, wild weather on the high seas is his comfort zone.

I’m slightly bored by the captain’s name, but I do want him to have a relatively normal sounding name, unlike most of the other 10 master captains. XD Especially considering that storm terrain has mostly just been used by Xerecs’ playgroup, the Stormcloud’s only big calling card is the Fog Hopper ability. That ability is OP by default on a ship so large, so I deliberately just blew up her cost to some massive level. If need be I may increase it further. XD

As I’ve said before, combining Captain with SAT or EA is pretty much OP to some extent by default. However, I hope the high cost of Alcantara (as opposed to leaving him at 8 for basic Captain+EA) and his somewhat severe drawback (very difficult to hide at home or to repair without a Shipwright) will allow him to function without breaking the game. I actually really like his negative ability because it limits him while perfectly blending with his flavor text – he’d rather be off sailing through a storm than docked at an island. If he someday proves to still be OP, I may change the EA to only working on a roll of 6, replace it with Helmsman instead, or simply give him “this ship cannot dock”, period. However, as of now it would cost about 60 points to have a basic setup of this combo (assuming helmsman and probably oarsman) working properly.

Historical Custom of the Day #375

Watkin Tench
4 points
Ability: Marine.
Link: HMS Alexander, HMS Polyphemus, HMS Princess Royal

You can find my custom sets here: Pirates of the Age of Sail and Pirates of the Epic Seas