Reply To: Should Pirates CSG be Collectible Or Not?


I generally agree with what you all said in the podcast. Had Wizkids not been shut down in 08 and Pirates canceled then I would love for it to have continued as a collectible game. I enjoy the randomness of the pack opening and the collectible aspect of the game. But generic crew selection and other aspects of fleet building made it difficult at times with the complete randomness of the pack content. I don’t think I’ll ever have all 6 major factions balanced out with all the generic crew necessary.

So should it return I like the idea of a hybrid system where there is some degree of certainty and better miniature distribution but keep some aspects of the collectible alive.

[Personal example –Vassal is a good example of this, I have every ship at my disposal which is amazing but a brand new ship out of a pack even if it’s not amazing still makes me want to try to use it simply because it’s new. Knowing what I am getting would ruin part of that. ]