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I think we probably said that because of the Limit inclusion.  Generally keywords should not be within other keywords.  It’s confusing, easy to forget, and leads to looking up chains of abilities just to see what “one” ability does.

I should have mentioned this when I posted the Tesoro – I am using a custom version of your Hidden Gold ability without the Limit keyword.  I’m sorry if that’s against your intent with the keyword, but I think it remains a fair ability (not super OP even at a relatively low cost of perhaps 3) and becomes both less confusing and easier to use than it is with Limit attached.  Similar to what Woelf has said, I maintain my stance that adding Limit to things is not a good way to reduce their cost or make them less OP.  I really like the keyword so I hope you don’t have a problem with me using a modified version of it.

Before you used it, it only appeared on ONE ship, which had a cannon bonus and was Eternal if a captain was present on the ship. I think I included Limit as pat of it because of some discussion in the original custom ships thread, between me, you, and Cazador; and at the time I think I thought that it was a powerful ability. As I mentioned above, I’ll probably re-instate the keyword, and eliminate the Limit part (as you suggested/have already done).  I don’t think that will affect the Point Cost of the Carnage much, but I’ll post her for some discussion.

Points: 20
Masts: 4
Cagro: 4
Cannons: 3S-2L-2L-3S
Movement: S+S
Ability: Hidden Gold (without Limit ver). If this ship has a captain crew, she gets +1 to her cannon and boarding rolls, and is considered Eternal.
Link: One-Handed John.

Like I said, I don’t think removing Limit would affect her cost but I’d like opinions.

Anywho, back to the Keyword. I’m fine with leaving Limit out of it, and go ahead and use it (or any of my other Custom Keywords for that matter) as much or as little as you’d like.