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You could attach a severe negative ability to the Powder kegs. Like, ‘If this ship rolls a 1 on a cannon roll, remove powder kegs from the game, and remove up to three masts from this ship’. That might be too extreme, but it would simulate a powder magazine or several kegs exploding. Conversely, you could make it like this: If an enemy ship hits this ship with a cannon roll of 6, remove powder kegs and up to three masts from this ship.

Honestly, I’d thought that the Rosa Pálida would cause more of a conversation than the Aguas.

I only commented on the Aguas because it seemed a little dull to me. The Rosa is interesting, but the main ability seems difficult to keep track of, and seems tailor made for campaigns, and I think it can be worded a little better at the end. Loose the Target/Sunk ship and just use sunk ship. Given her cost you’d be hard pressed to use her in anything but a campaign, and not everyone builds faction pure fleets for the smaller high point games. In short, she seems like she’d be an okay gunship, but also seems to be situational and gimmicky.

However, if it helps make my future posts less confusing, I can reiterate the set name before I go into the pieces.

It might, but if only for me, since I’ve got insider knowledge about your othe stuff. I forgot which set these customs were coming from.

Since these are SoD, does that mean you’ve posted all the pieces for Dark Tides, and will you make a public spreadsheet/google doc for all to see?