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Jonathan Bowen

Hello, all…. ??
It’s…been a while ?

I’m not gonna lie: I’ve been slacking on writing custom flavor texts, and I just haven’t been doing it ?

Today will be a double post to hopefully make up for that ?

So here we go: the continuation of Spain in Seas of Doom!!

Important Keywords:

1. Man-O’-War: Once per turn, before you give this ship a shoot action, roll a d6. On a result of an odd number, her cannons become 2-rank for this turn. On a result of an even number, she eliminates two masts with each hit.

2. World-Hater: This ship gets plus one to her cannon rolls against any ship of a different nationality.

3. EA: Once per turn, roll a d6. On a 5-6, give this ship an extra action.

(continuing with numbers 3-6)

3. El Arcángel
Points: 22
Masts: 4
Cannons: 3L,3S,3S,3L
Cargo: 4
Base Move: S+S
Ability: Man-O’-War
Link: Santiago de Valentín

Flavor: One of Spain’s newest and most powerful battleships, the Arcángel has been given to Capitán de Valentín in the hopes that he will continue to bring honor and fame to the Spanish navy.

4. Santiago de Valentín
Points: 7
Ability: Captain. World-Hater.
Link: El Arcángel

Flavor: The son of a rich Spanish noble, Santiago plans on becoming the next best thing in Spain’s naval history since Victor De Alva. Much to the disgust of almost every other Spanish sailor, Valentín’s arrogant attitude has only brought him fortune and success.

5. La Reina del Mar
Points: 13
Masts: 3
Cannons: 2S,3L,2S
Cargo: 5
Base Move: L
Ability: Shipwright.

Flavor: The Queen of the Sea; a fine vessel owned by a wealthy merchant, her crew has learned to repair any damages she receives in her travels, as they happen. They keep a surplus repair equipment on board at all time in an unused section of her cargo hold.

6. Diego san Román
Points: 8
Ability: Hostile: America. Captain. EA.

Flavor: San Román is a practical man. One who has come to terms with the fact that America, not the dark forces of the undead, are a real threat, and must be given the full attention of the Spanish armada.

That’s all for this post; I might post again later today, and for sure tomorrow.
@Ben: in my last post I suggested that Xerecs Play-test a piece, and in retrospect, it does sound/look weird. However, to explain myself there, I do not have Vassal on my computer, and therefore can’t play-test on my own. I do not know if/when I will acquire Vassal, but until I do, I will be depending on Xerecs for play-test results. My statement in my previous post was not meant to seem mean or with attitude. I just simply can’t play-test myself.

As always, feel free to leave comments, concerns, and suggestions about these pieces. I will try to respond as soon as I can.

Until next post
-J. W. Darkhurst