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I have a question, Does Ruth Lee reduce reduce the cost of Native Canoes?

No, because the Chieftain assumes the cost of all the native canoes.  The canoes themselves aren’t technically assigned individual point costs.  She would decrease the cost of the chieftain crew only, especially because the chieftain is considered crew while the canoes are considered ships and not crew.

“-The Tribal Chieftain crew assumes the full point cost of its associated set of native canoes for the purposes of fleet building, placement, point restrictions, and all other abilities or effects that refer to point costs.”

-From The Pirate Code Page 21.

Plus the American canoes are already OP enough as it is; making them cheaper would break the game!  🙂

You should keep posting these at MT until the site actually dies.

: The reason I’m posting them here is because I want to preserve as many rules questions as possible.  I don’t want to lose even more stuff in case MT disappears or something.  I just can’t be incentivized to create content I don’t own when I’ve already lost so much.