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I like Spike Shot, but what is the idea behind stopping the enemy ship? Big spear lodged in the rigging?
Catapults on seagoing ships seems like a very unwieldy concept. They’re very large and the projectiles would travel more slowly than cannonballs. The potential height seems like it could easily interfere with the ship’s rigging. I think I’d prefer to see it as a 4L+L or 5L+L cannon (the latter with a 2 point cost), but that’s probably not realistic either. I just find a somewhat strange integration that could be better as a land-only equipment. I like the repairing part though.
If Ballista are 3L cannons, why would you use the ship’s existing cannon ranges for them? Also, similar to the catapult, that’s a serious investment of “infrastructure” and extra weaponry that would take both logistics and space on the ship, so I really don’t think it shouldn’t take up cargo space. Assuming they would be put on the upper deck (not an enclosed gun deck, which seems impossible without giving up some regular cannons), it would provide space constraints regardless of what else was up there.
Those slugs sound nasty. It’s quite powerful too, and the repeating nature of the effect makes it more valuable than Exploding Shot in my opinion. Big drawback, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this at 4 to start.
“Spherus Manga” – anime Bionicle?


Spike shot in my head looks like this. Backstory for it: an organic ammunition developed by the Ionics using the spiked seed pod from a plant native to their homeland. Used primarily to target a ships rigging and upper deck.

Perhaps large-scale catapults would be un-weildly, but smaller one with less range (in my head at least lol) are not. I was thinking that Ionic ships used catapults before they got cannons on their ships, and I wanted to keep some of that. However, I could probably try and re-work it so that its usable on an island.

The idea for the Ballista was a second set of cannons for a ship, that could shoot at another ship while the main cannons were shooting at a target ship……and I’m just now remembering that a ship can do that anyway, target more than one ship per shoot action. Oi…. I’ll re-word them so that they do take up cargo space. The bit about measuring from a mast was to give the ballista a place to measure FROM, since I didn’t want them to be shot from any part of a ship.

Done and done for the Slug Launcher.

Oops, seems I misspelled, again. Ah well, though a Bionicle Manga would be cool I think.