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Jonathan Bowen

Hello again, everyone!
Here we are in the second-ish week of 2019; and here’s my first post of the New Year.
And, as promised, here are the first Spanish pieces from Seas of Doom!

1. El Catedral
Gold: 5
Flags: 4
Cannons: 4S,4L,4L,4S
Ability: This fort gets +1 to its cannon rolls for every treasure coin unloaded at its island.

Flavor: The men who run this military cathedral, while still technically priests, are most certainly not the righteous holy men they’re supposed to be. The Cathedral only stays in proper running order because of the hefty bribes the priests demand in return for the protection they give to Spanish merchant vessels.

2. De Leon
Points: 13
Masts: 4
Cannons: 4S,2L,2L,4S
Cargo: 5
Base Move: S+S
Ability: Explorer. This ship cannot be sunk, but she can be scuttled.

Flavor: Made using new and innovative ship-building techniques, the De Leon has an almost indestructible hull. With orders to fill in the edges of every map they can get a hold of, and to ensure that the sun always shines on the Spanish Empire, this frigate will not return home until her task is complete.

And with that, Spain is introduced.
Feedback is welcome, although I will more than likely not respond until tomorrow day.
I will probably be posting again on Friday, but I make no promises.

Until the next post
-J. W. Darkhurst