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Jonathan Bowen

Hello again, everyone! This still counts as today; I’m not lazy! Not too lazy, anyway….
Regardless! here is the second half of the cursed forces from Seas of Doom!

But, as usual, the relevant Keywords!

1. Repeating Guns: When this ship is given a shoot action, you may declare that she is using repeating guns. If all cannons hit during that shoot action, each cannon may shoot again. (This action does not count towards the two action limit) For each cannon that misses on its second shot, eliminate one mast or cargo from this ship

2. Cargo Killer: When this ship his an enemy ship, eliminate a cargo from the enemy ship.

3. EA: Once per turn, roll a d6. On a 5-6, give this ship an extra action.

4. World-Hater: This ship gets plus one to her cannon rolls against any ship of a different nationality.

Now onto the pieces!

12. Abbadon
Points: 15
Masts: 4
Cannons: 3L,3S,3S,3L
Cargo: 4
Base Move: S+S
Ability: Fear. When this ship hits an enemy ship eliminate one cargo from that ship.

Flavor: A mysterious addition to the Empire’s combat fleet, there is something about the Abbadon and her secretive crew that just feels wrong to most sailors, dead or alive. Surely, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

13. Ravener
Points: 14
Masts: 3
Cannons: 2L,3S,3L
Cargo: 3
Base Move: S+S
Ability: Fear. If this ship successfully hits an enemy ship with all of her cannons, eliminate an extra mast from that ship

Flavor: The Ravener is no terrifying menace, but her mysterious appearance in the Cursed ranks leads many of Jones’s admirals to believe that she is more powerful than she seems.

14. Fire Vulture
Points: 12
Masts: 3
Cannons: 3S, 3S, 3S
Cargo: 3
Base Move: L
Ability: Bombardier.

Flavor: Captured from an American shipyard, the Fire Vulture will prove to be a new and deadly toy for whoever becomes her captain.

15. El Ángel de la Muerte
Points: 24
Masts: 5
Cannons: 2L,3S,3S,3S,2L
Cargo: 3
Base Move: S+S
Ability: Repeating Guns. Cargo Killer.

Flavor: This galleon was an experimental warship that was trial sailing when she was pulled beneath the waves by numerous massive black tentacles. The firepower that once belonged to the Spanish navy, is now at the beck and call of Davy Jones’s top Admirals.

16. Crimson Komodo
Points: 16
Masts: 4
Cannons: 3L,3L,3L,3L
Cargo: 3
Base Move: L
Ability: This ship gets +1 to Fire Shot, Exploding Shot, and Firepot Specialist rolls.

Flavor: Despite his status as a Cursed sailor, the Komodo’s captain does not believe in the mythical monsters of legend. As such, he named his ship after the only real dragon in the world. Except this one does breathe fire.

17. Maxis Penumbra
Points: 9
Ability: Captain. Instead of giving this ship an action this turn, you can give another ship in your fleet two actions.
Link: Spinax

Flavor: When an exiled ionic warrior by the name of Maxis Penumbra joined the ranks of the cursed, no one thought anything of it. Little did they know that Maxis is merely a hollow, soulless body inhabited by the essence of the supposedly dead Shadow King.

18. Spinax
Points: 17
Masts: 3 (jib)
Cannons: 2L,2L,2L
Cargo: 2
Base Move: L+S
Ability: EA. When this ship sinks an enemy ship, you may repair one mast on this ship.
Link: Maxis Penumbra

Flavor: Named for Maxis’s trusty hound back on his home island, the Spinax is quick and agile, able to unleash her full barrage of firepower one minute, and escape the next.

19. Grezeble
Points: 15
Masts: 3
Cannons: 3S,3S,3S
Cargo: 3
Base Move: L
Ability: World-Hater. It this ship is assigned a helmsman crew, she gets +L to her base move instead of +S.

Flavor: Her unusual and meaningless name makes the Grezeble a ship her foes won’t soon forget.

20. Agramon
Points: 17
Masts: 4
Cannons: 4L,3S,3S,4L
Cargo: 3
Base Move: L
Ability: Fear. Canceller.

Flavor: One of three ships that have appeared without influence of Jones, Agramon instills fear in all who stray too close. Even the most heartless fiends in the Cursed war fleet have edged away from this galleon in uncomfortable unease.

And with that, the Cursed from Seas of Doom are complete!
It will take me some time to post again, as I need to write flavor texts because, once again, I am a derp ????

As usual, all feedback is welcomed. Tell me what you think of these pieces and how they may or may not be game-worthy in your opinion, and how they could maybe be improved.

Important info about me on this site in the future:

For future posts, I will likely limit the number if pieces posted to two, maybe three at maximum, so that my posts aren’t just massive “info dumps”, or confusing to read.

Also, from now on, my update posts that contain game pieces will also contain a flavor text for each game piece. I will, therefore, likely have no definitive “Posting Schedule”, but rather will post new pieces whenever I have them. I will try to post once a week with new game piece content or just feedback on a recently-made post on this thread.

Also, also, I will respond to most, if not all, feedback postings as soon as I can, and without the usual greeting and formalities. I do not consider those to be posts, so therefore, I will respond to as much feedback as I can, unless I’m super tired, or I’ve already addressed the issue.

Also, also, also, I will begin posting more “regularly” on the Black Mongoose Tavern Thread with Story Page inserts from Fiends of the Blood Islands (FoBI), and eventually Dark Tides (PoDT) and Seas of Doom (PTSD).

I will likely take a break for New Year’s, and begin posting probably in the second-ish week of January/2019. And since I will not be posting new content tomorrow/Tuesday…

Happy New Year, Everybody!!!!! ?✨?????✨????????????

I hope each of you has a fun, happy, and safe New Year’s Eve and day.
Expect more regular posting from me in the New Year, and bug me if I forget to post.

Until next post
-J. W. Darkhurst