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To distinguish the flavor text from the rest of the ability text, and to help break up the post a little, could you perhaps put it in italics?

I feel the Musica could be a point or two cheaper, 13 instead of 15 maybe.

Klen might still be too cheap at 30….. 0.0


Josiah Brumwell
Faction Affiliation: American
Rarity: C
Type: Crew
Point Value: 5
Ability: Shipwright. Chainshot Specialist. You may choose to ignore the effects of Unique Treasures that this ship carries [only UT’s that can be loaded].


This guy would be great for gold runners, and not only American ones if you can squeeze the space. His ability as I see it nullifies plague, Albatross, Runes of Death, just to name a few.



Today’s (tonights? :D) pieces aren’t as flashy as a ten mast, but most certainly are fun! Speaking of a ten, there are two more still to come, but those are for another day. 😀

Points: 9
Ability: When this ship is docked at your home island you may eliminate two treasures. They become a 2S cannon that may only be eliminated when this ship sinks, and an equipment of your choice.

Flavor: Considered a myth among the Ionic peoples, Artaka is said to be a place of sanctuary and peace. Ruling over this fair land was a being of the same name; that rumor had it, could create magnificent weapons, armor and tools as if from thin air.



Points: 10
Ability: For every ship within S of this ship at the beginning of your turn, roll a d6. On a 1-2 the target ship may not use any ship or crew abilities until the beginning of their next turn. On a 3-4 eliminate all of the target ships masts. On a 5-6 both the effects of 1-2 and 3-4 are applied to the target ship.

Flavor: If everything is to have an opposite, then Krahnzi is the opposite of Artaka. A fabled hell on earth, and like Artaka ruled by a being of the same name; who can peer into the minds of men, and bring their worst nightmares to life.